Jackie Barrera 

"The School Bus Driving Momma-preneur"

 Signing Agent Review

Help me get better as a loan signing agent 

 The School bus Driving- Loan Signing Agent
I am a Oregon School Bus Driving- Direct Marketer- Loan signing -Happily Married -Mom of 3 

For most of their lives, I was a stay at home mom. 

Now that they are older and do not need me as much. It is time to work on my dreams

Last year, I was planning on becoming a school bus driver. Enjoying summers off. I did drive for about 5 months, but covid ended that

In July, I was introduced to becoming a loan signing agent.
I picked it up pretty quickly ( when I was little I always wanted a job that I had to do paperwork, thought that would be the coolest job) little did I know.

But here I am- meeting interesting people every day. Helping them with their refinancing, with TONS of paperwork. Funny how things unfold.

What People are Saying

"...Speed of Service Unbelieveable!"
Great Dedication to helping us. Very prompt in answering our text messages. You have definately found your calling. 
A blessing to the business
Rhododendron Oregon
"...You Won't Believe Til You See It!"
The Organization she has with the documents and those stickers are fun. Thank you for all of your help and attention to detail 
Gresham Oregon
"...Shes A Life Saver! I'm So Thankful!"
Made the process of Refinancing smooth and stress-free.  If  I could choose every time, I'd choose her..
Jackie Barrera 

The School Bus Driving -MOM-preneur Extraordinaire

Key Elements for Loan Signing


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Ever be in that situation where your cell phone photos is out of storage?


Ever have those long road trips( and can't  listen to another song on radio)

Amazon Prime. 
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Resources You Need 
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Wanna Learn How to Loan Signing? 
This is a great program that will teach you how to complete a proper loan signing. The steps you need to follow in order to become a loan signing agent.

What's Loan Signing ?

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Struggling With Marriage?

Want a Side Income

Meet Lola- My rescue Cat

Saving the Animals 
As many of you know I worked at Pet Smart. My love for animals grew. I saw there was a need for helping animals. 
With the crisis in our world, sometimes people forget about the animals. 
I try to do my share in donating whenever  I can. 

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